I Will Fight For You - Michelle Creber & Gabriel Brown
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I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU (Written by Michelle Creber & Gabriel Brown)

So this is where I stand now

Can�t think, can�t speak tonight

I�m on the edge, just fall away, that is my fate

How did I get up here, I don�t really care

So call me a fool, call me a liar

I�m done pretending that it�s all worthwhile

Why would I keep fighting for life

Because no one fights for me

Because no one fights for me

You may speak these words at your darkest hour

Questions of black or white, no compromise

But shutting the door and erasing your world won�t solve all your troubles

Though it seems so right, hope will come in time

Don�t be a fool, don�t be a liar

Deep down inside, you know it�s all worthwhile

Through the pain, just fight for life

�Cause everyone�s worth fighting for

Everyone�s worth fighting for

This is where it starts, this is where it ends

Don�t hold your breath now

It�s all coming down, so don�t think too fast, oh

Colours and feelings, it sounds so appealing

What does it matter

Oooh, find your faith in love, oh just fight

You�re not a fool, you�ve never been a liar

Just take a breath and know it�s gonna be alright

Fight for your life everyday and every night

Because I will fight for you

Because I will fight for you

Because I will fight for you