Haunted House
On Display

A door was shut, the keys were "lost", you screamed

And so began the saga titled: Sympathy

The lights are off, you're scared, why hide the switch then

'Cause that's the trick, the door was locked by one of us, guess who

You're cryin' "I'm all alone, there's not a living soul who cares now"

But I am just down the hall of this haunted house and you love that

I can't give up on you, despite the harm you do

A friend is not this worthless

Must be a ghost, hung in your puppet show

Sewn at the mouth, role of invisible

Illusions get attention, house is growing

We're all trophies in her innocent collection

You sell, we buy, the walls reek with your persuasion

You're in distress, for best actress the Oscar goes to you

Still cryin' "I'm all alone, I need a living soul to care now"

When we are just down the hall of this haunted house, had always thought

Maybe her demons are fake, monsters of makeup and paint

That decorate a sweet nightmare

Must be a ghost (what do you need of me when you're never seein' me)

Hung in your puppet show (tangled up in your ties, immobilized)

Sewn at the mouth (what do you need of me, why you never seein' me)

Role of invisible (you've written every line and got 'em memorized)

You're always craving fresh blood, house keeps growing

Quite a shame though, isn't it

She has more skulls and dolls than humans to have conversations with

Don't pity us, oh no, we pity her

You know we really cared

Remember why we walked in here

Why'd she have to lock us here

Now we're just ghosts, dead in her puppet show

Well say goodbye to control, you've lit all of the matches

Home of poison and I'm gonna burn it to ashes

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...

The door was never locked, of course

Guess I'll just go then

I'll miss you